DQ Branded Excuse: Blame Jason

DQ Branded Excuse: Blame Jason For Fuck-Up

DQ Branded Excuse: Blame Jason - Dairy Queen Blizzard_LargeI can’t say if you should warn customers at entry like this, or wait until they try to place an order for a shot at the cross sell, but here is honest and forthright DQ Branded Excuse: Blame Jason signage. “NO BLIZZARDS, Machine Fucked Up, Blame Jason.” Still what’s a Dairy Queen® without a Blizzard? Alright, I guess I’ll find something else cool, soothing, and delicious. Sign obviously printed on-site in order to react so quickly to the equipment emergency. The DQ® sign holder brands and personalizes for the store, as does the Spoon door handle.  I just hope I don’t see Jason inside. Image submitted by a FixturesCloseUp follower.

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DQ Branded Excuse: Blame Jason
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