Armenian Organic Walnuts & Apricots Closeup

Organic Country of Origin Street Level Information

Armenian Organic Walnuts and Apricots Yerevan FeatureOrganic Walnuts and Apricots do come to mind as foods with possible Armenian origins. But taking no chances, I took the package source citation to street level at 2 Agatangeghos Street in the Armenian capital of Yerevan and found that I had passed that building many times. Sorry no Google Street View, however, for me to check for supplier signage. Careful you modern provisioners. In this day and age Country-of-Origin Street-Level Sale Info can be tracked directly to your physical address, even if you reproduce it in fine print. Seen at Arenie Gourmet Armenian Grocery and Bakery, Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

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Organic Country of Origin Street Level Info
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Organic Country of Origin Street Level Info
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