Colgate Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray

Colgate Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray

Colgate Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray FastenerI was very impressed with the precision friction-fit of this Colgate Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray for both the Toothbrush and Whitening Pen. Surely the combination is what merited specific point-of-purchase promotional support like this. Sadly the promotional insert for the Bullnose front was missing, and store staff had fallen a little behind in manually facing and forwarding the merchandise (I faced for the sake of photography). On the plus side, the display was tenacious in claiming its shelf-edge position, mounting permanently via Wingnut. Step through various views in the Colgate Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray gallery and thumbnail.

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Colgate® Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Tray
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