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Wrist Watch Marketing Topography

Are these wrist watches for hikers and adventurers or is the imagery to imply trailblazing of modern features and style for your wrist? You are left to interpret for yourself as well as try to imagine the brand which is unspoken. I suggest to you that many of mainstream shoppers might not recognize the topographic contour map sign background unless outdoors people. So while intriguing careful how you use imagery to try to communicate. Are hikers, mountain bikers, and campers your market? Step through the gallery for zooms. Watch Topographic Pedestals appear to be molded plastic, but you could achieve a similar effect Do-It-Yourself with a layup model. Topo maps are available online from the USGS. You could even download the Quadrangle Sheet Map for your own locale.

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Wrist Watch Marketing Topography
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Giraffe is Lay-Up Foamcore

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Wrist Watch Marketing Topography
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