FCU Reeve Fun With Fixtures Post

Reeve Store Equipment “Fun With Fixtures” Video Post

Fixtures_Close_Up___Reeve_Fun_With_Fixtures_Sat_Apr_9__2016_6amCan humor and “Content Personality” promote response in the Fixtures industry? As an irreverent site in-and-of-itself, FixturesCloseUp wanted to know and ran a 2-day weekend test post “Reeve Store Equipment Fun With Fixtures” … as industry news and commentary on Reeve’s® casual approach to projection of its brand and fixture capabilities. The result, an enviable Click Through Rate of 2.5% vs the average online CTR of 0.06% across all online ad types (Source: DoubleClick, Google and Smart Insights). For most of the weekend Reeve was #1 on the Top Posts list, with positioning midway on the List renewing Monday. The conclusion: personality in fixture outreach enhances engagement and participation. Should you use humor and a catchy headline in all your brand projections and advertising? Of course not, but used correctly personality in outreach and advertising benefits brand. A conclusion drawn by others as you see. Good job, Reeve.

EDITORS NOTE: FixturesCloseUp targets a “purer” fixture readership than that of old-guard publications like Design:Retail and VMSD, eliminating “waste circulation” to flooring, lighting, HVAC, and other non-fixture sectors. As the only industry source that shares traffic and response stats in an ongoing fashion, see FixturesCloseUp Statistics for a history of traffic, milestones, and trendlines of engagement across 7 years of FixturesCloseUp publication.

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