This Reeve Store Equipment Co. “fun With fixtures” video approach embodies two vital tenants of Marketing Communications … your Content should have personality … and relative to  Creative Approach, the greater the risk the greater the reward. You might not choose to project your company capabilities with a touch of humor like this. But if not, would your regular followers choose to consume, or if interruption marketing, would viewers just ignore?

I liked this light-hearted video, the purposeful amateur portrayal of Super Heroes, contrasted with a much more personable and believable spokesperson (Vice President Robert Reeve Frackelton). Though it states off serious it then slits into a humorous mode, so make sure to watch in its entirety. And while FixturesCloseUp does most of its research and reporting in-store, I could not resist sharing this on-line find with the trade, both fixture consumers and fixture manufacturers.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts.  I do not publish Product Releases directly, but if you have an unusual fixture use in retail, insightful fixture white paper, or even new marketing approach like this, my 120,000+ annual visitors might be interested. Fire off an email to me at I am happy to provide my readers with new ideas and fresh choices if they meet FixturesCloseUp criteria.

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