Trion Merchandising Solutions GlobalShop Booth Main Square

Building a Foamcore Fixture Audience at GlobalShow

Trade Show merchandising is part of the “bricks-and-mortar” channel of B2B store fixture sales. So don’t miss a visual merchandising trick, like attracting an audience with foamcore “decoys.” Here the first of a foamcore crowd begins to gather in front of a booth backdrop. Lighting is exaggerated to emphasize effect for the flat images projected to your computer screen. But the 2-dimensional “shopper” does cause a double-take in reality and perks up an otherwise non-dimensional, booth-back-turned-billboard. Know that I call any large, flat, structural sign substrate “Foamcore” so feel free to read as “GatorBoard” or other. Step through zooms in the gallery of images. See at Trion Industries, Inc. GlobalShop Booth #1257 for more of a crowd.

Not A Corporately Approved Press Release. Being traditionalists, Trion’s standard Press Release would not be this flippant (or as referentially backlinked). But would you have clicked to read the dull and boring “plain vanilla” version? Here modern “content marketing” allows outreach in creative new ways, to new readers, opening new doors. Who knows, it might even go viral among Fixture Aficionados and Groupies. And cost is low because I photographed, Photoshopped, then stole these photos personally. Foamcore decoy pulled from Trion’s 2016 Art of Merchandising ad campaign (a must see). Does YOUR GlobalShop Press Release allow such creative re-broadcast and re-use?

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts.  I do not publish Product Releases directly, but I might agree to re-write your “plain vanilla” press release into something fresh and news worthy like this. It’s worth a shot. Tempt me with an interesting submission.

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