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FixturesCloseUp February 2016 Page Views Exceed 47,000

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Monthly reads on FixturesCloseUp rose almost 13,000 Pages Views over last year to a new February 2016 record of 47,231. The new multi-column format and expanded illustrated “How to Research Fixtures” menu found favor with users and the industry. Traffic pattern (as opposed to quantity) remains the same with a fall from traditional January peaks. December is always the slowest month in year-end / year start fixture research. It is interesting to note that February 2016 traffic did increase over November 2015 so a broad general trend of increased use continues.

EDITORS NOTE: FixturesCloseUp traffic and trends reflect research of fixtures not sales, delivery, or roll-out. Your traffic trends may vary. Use FixturesCloseUp figures as a benchmark within the industry, and for comparison purposes. You actual experience may vary. Contact me if you care to discuss what I see in the patterns relative to my segment of the industry.

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  • WordPress Site: 7,100+ Active Posts
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  • 122,473 Annual Visitors Annually (2015 total)
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  • 346,661 Total Lifetime Visitors (To December 31, 2015)
  • 3,896 Peak Daily Traffic Page Views: (November 18, 2015
  • Annual Search Engines Referrals: 176,769 (2015 total)
  • Annual FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Referrals: 23,705 (2015 total)
  • Annual LinkedIn Referrals: 15,883 (2015 total)
  • Best Traffic Times: Afternoons, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
  • 1,850 LinkedIn Followers
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  • Total Fixture Followers 5,339+
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  • 7 year history on the web.
  • Industry Standard WordPress Format
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