Floor Grahics 23C CPM Impressions

Floor Graphics Cost Per Thousand Ad Impressions 23c

A 30-second Super Bowl Ad costs $37 CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Impressions, while a Full-Page Full-Color ad in a Top-20 Magazine runs $9.35 CPM. So if the average promotional Floor Mat costs 11c to 23c CPM Impressions, might you be interested? It is oft quoted that 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store and, 64% of shoppers stopped and engaged when they saw floor graphics (Source Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International POPAI). Combine that with low CPM, makes it all the more likely you should consider Floor Graphic Fixtures as in-store advertising venue. I can’t certify all the figures but, you can get greater insight and better source citations from PromoMatting by America in their Whitepaper. But first check out how other retailers use Floor Graphics in store. I am a particular fan of Breadcrumb Trail navigation (Immediately below) and sequential graphics which will cost just a bit more, but should be even more compelling and engaging. For images of all concepts below see the FixturesCloseUp Floor Graphics Pinterest Board.

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For Floor Graphic Breadcrumb Trails see…
Floor Graphics CPM Impressions Is 23c
This-Way-To-Sale Floor Graphic Trail
Express® Follow The Floor Graphic
Valentine’s Day Floor Graphic Hearts
75% Off Floor-Graphic Trail
This-Way-to-Coupons Floor Graphic
Floor Graphic Footsteps
Going To The Beach Floor Graphic
Construction Navigation Floor Graphics

For Floor Graphics by title…
Floor Graphics CPM Impressions Is 23c
FitBit® Freestanding Display Plus Floor Graphic
Saks Fifth Avenue® Curated Floor Graphic
Best-Gift-Ever Mall Floor Graphic
Highest Prices Paid Floor Graphic
Bon-Ton® D.I.Y. Stock-Up Floor Graphic
Macys® Must Haves Floor Graphic
Lancome® Floor Graphic Twins
“Floor Graphic Contest Hashtag”
Escada® Geometric Floor Graphic®
Peserico® Floor Graphic Brands Display
Forklift Area Floor Graphic
Father’s Day Floor Graphic
Vine and Leaf Floor and Wall Graphics
Newtons® Floor Graphic Brands More Than Figs
Benadryl® 3D Floor Graphic Trusted Day or Night
Floor Graphic Advises of Mother’s Day
Must Give Gifts Pedestals With Matching Floor Graphic
Must-Give-Gifts Mid-Aisle Floor Graphic
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Valentine’s Floor Graphic
Bare Minerals® Floor Graphic
Offer To Help Floor Graphic
Follow Your Heart Floor Graphic
Blue Diamond® Flavored Floor Graphic
Target® In-Store Mobile Game
Target In-Store Mobile Game Continues
Speech Balloon Floor Graphic
Barefoot Floor Graphic Try-Me
BCBG® Stairway to Style
Fall Fashion Floor Graphic
Back-to-School Kid’s Fun Fair Floor Graphic
Blue Diamond® Flavored Floor Graphic
Jackson Hewitt® Floor Graphic
Duracell Powered Escalator
Pegleg Black Dog as Floor Graphic
Metal Medallion as Floor Graphic
Cryptic Gucci Floor Medallion
Shoe Size Arc as Floor Graphic
Floor Mat as Floor Graphic
Fendi Slate Crossing-the-Line
Tiffany Art Deco Door Pull
Cryptic Gucci Graphic
Billboard Mat as Floor Graphic
Slide-to-Unlock Floor Mat
Floor Graphic With a Function
Hermes Logo as Tile Mosaic

For stair and escalator graphics see…
Highest Prices Paid Floor Graphic
Fall Fashion Floor Graphic
Shop London Vicariously
Duracell Powered Escalator
Wayfinding on an Escalator
Macy’s Mannequins On a Ledge

For all Floor Graphics resources…
Floor Graphic Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Floor Graphics Index Page” for all resources and links

Floor Graphic Fixtures and Merchandising Pinterest Board

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