Pistachio Table Top Sign Holder CloseUp

Fancy Armenian Pistachio Table-Top Sign Holder

Pistachio Table Top Sign HolderIf you have not seen a Hotel Counter-top Bellhop Bell in ages and ages, maybe they have all been recycled over the years to Table-Top Sign Holders like this seen in specialty Armenian Grocery. I am of the opinion that even small fixture touches like this are noticed and add to the sense-of-place of a retail environment. But then again, that’s me. See the thumbnail for a broader view and hint at other Grocery goodies. Seen in an Armenian Specialty Shop, and while my wife is Armenian, I was not aware of any pending Armenian Holiday for which Pistachios are appropriate. However those folk do like any excuse for a table full of food, guests, and cold Vodka. Me? I’m Gin and Tonic, but Vodka and Tonic with Pistachios will do in a pinch.

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