Gourmanoff Silvervein Floor Rack Closeup

SilverVein PowderCoat in Gourmanoff® Gourmet Grocery

Fixture fit and finish support the ultimate presentation of merchandise everywhere in retail. Here Silvervein (my term, others call Varigated or Crackle-finish) ups the ante in Gourmet Grocery. Through the merchandise arrangement might not be upscale, the custom End Aisle Rack is. Curves, Open Wire Details, and Die-Stamped cutouts all add to the look. Casters provide easy mobility to any advantageous in-store cross-sell location. Top level merchandise is “Malenkaya Sem’ Ya” Wafer Cake, but rack sponsor unknown. See die cut closeup in the thumbnail, and gallery of zoom images directly below. Seen at Gourmanoff® Gourmet GroceryBrighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC.

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