A low-walled pegboard-mount Open Wire Tray (Or shallow Wire Shelf if you prefer) is equipped with Acrylic Tray inserts to corral and stabilize small items. That is the duality of wire constructs … they shed dust and dirt and allow air and light to penetrate, but are not a stable base for small scale items to stand on. So why not just build this fixture out of plastic and be done with it? Wire is a very economical and adaptable media. It may have been cheaper to build a Wire Basket strong enough to cantilever from the Pegboard, than a Plastic Tray requiring astronomically expensive molds. Dropping in a light-weight throw-away-quality insert after the fact, would add little to the final cost. Run the cost figures yourself, and debate the issue with me under comments. Meanwhile SEE “Yin and Yang of Open Wire Shelves” for additional commentary on wire. Before departing, note the full-length Metal Plate Label Holder for adhesive labels across the front.

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