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Polaroid Bluetooth Selfie-Stick Tray Merchandising

Polaroid® goes all out. Don’t just get a Selfie Stick, go high-tech with a Polaroid Bluetooth Selfie Stick. No more old fashioned mechanical button pushes, or audio-port plug in control. Go straight Bluetooth in your Selfie taking. Know that this means your Smartphone need not even be mounted in the Selfie Stick to be triggered. You can even take a picture of the inside of your pocket or purse remotely from fingering the Selfie Stick. Will wonders never cease? Do know some Bluetooth controls react slowly so don’t use for fast moving action snaps. The Point-f-Purchase display and package promote the wireless benefit, and packages offer Hook Hangs as alternate display method. A mated styrofoam tray can keep everything faced and near shelf edge, though here stock has been drawn down. Step through the gallery of photos for zooms.

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