Merchandiser Arm Revamp for Pegboard

Merchandiser Arm Revamp for Pegboard

Merchandiser Arm Revamp for PegboardThis Strip Merchandiser with Speech Bubble concept was reviewed before, but only in a shelf-edge mount design. Here a Merchandiser Arm Revamp for Pegboard. This is what do you do for cross-sells where no shelf is handy? Recreate the mount in a long-arm version with pegboard mount. Interesting that the backplate is very broad and would accept a sizable load, but the arm is flat stock with less capacity than a tubular design. See the Merchandiser Arm Revamp for Pegboard thumbnail for a closeup of the backplate. Note the “foot” or standoff along the bottom edge of the backplate. Maybe this Blackplate also fits Slatwire as well as Pegboard and one assumes Slatwall. I might take another look at this fixture when I am in the neighborhood.

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