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I may not know how to be as sophisticated with color as a designer, but I do know its importance and appreciate good use. What colors do consumers respond to, even down to the level of influencing a purchase? Follow this link to “Infographic: How Colors Influence Consumers” for a succinct review. But don’t stop there. Come back to browse FixturesCloseUp compilation of color use in retail fixtures … the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly brilliant. Follow the links below to individual Color Index Pages  and Pinterest Boards. The choices are extensive. Click around a bit. You’ll figure it out.

Black Fixtures
Black Fixtures Index Page
Black Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Blue Fixtures
Blue Fixtures Index Page
Blue Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Brown Fixtures
Brown Fixtures Index Page
Brown Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Green Fixtures
Green Fixtures Index Page
Green Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Grey Fixtures
Grey Fixtures Index Page
Grey Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Orange Fixtures
Orange Fixtures Index Page
Orange Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Pink Fixtures
Pink Fixtures Index Page
Pink in Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Purple Fixtures
Purple Fixtures Index Page
Purple Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Red Fixtures
Red Fixtures Index Page
Red Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Rust Fixtures
Rust Finish Index Page
Rust Finish Pinterest Board

White Fixtures
White Fixtures Index Page
White Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

Yellow Fixtures
Yellow Fixtures Index Page
Yellow Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board

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Color Coded Retail Resources:
Color Coded Retail Index Page 
Color: Coding in Retail Pinterest Board

Color Arrays in Retail
Color Arrays in Retail Display Index Page

Color Arrays in Display Pinterest Board

Pantone Resources
Pantone Index Page

Pantone Inspired Merchandising Pinterest Board

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The Science of Picking Color For Retail
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For FixturesCloseUp Research Tips try:

Use the Index Page Menu. It provides a partial visual list of post images in addition to Titled Posts. But its visual list often includes “flights” or groupings of the color use from various angles or zooms. Scan the Titles or use the browser <Find> command to local a key word within the titles. For example <FIND: Clinique> on the Orange Index Page to find Orange Clinique fixtures among the titles.

Use the Pinterest Board Menu . It provides a totally visual approach, but typically only one image from what may be multi-image posts. You can cover more research ground this way, but with lesser specificity. Click any Photo Pin on any Pinterest Board to be linked to the original post, commentary and often additional photos. That way you can dig deeper into any color scheme of interest.

Explore unusual colors. Don’t be afraid to try the Orange Fixtures Index PageGreen Fixtures Index PageRust Finish Index PageYellow Fixtures Index Page or Pantone Index Page offerings.

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