M Fried Showroom 7 Reach Extenders for Retail

7 Reach Extenders for Retail

Nowhere else but in an actual Store Fixtures Showroom could you see and test 7 styles of Retail Reach Extenders as seen here at M Fried in Brooklyn. Didn’t know there were 7 styles, and that one might actually be better for your store or chain than all the others? Then get your ass on over to a Store Fixtures Showroom and evaluate first hand. For the promise of an outfitting order, you might even be able to take one with you for an in-store trial. You never know unless you ask. See 7 Reach Extenders for Retail closeups in the gallery of slideshow images.

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Clothes-Hanger T-Shirt Wall Display
Do-It-Yourself High-Reach Garment Hook ”
7 Reach Extenders for Retail Showroom Display ”
Get the Right Extension Pole Divided Rack ”
Help-Me-Help-Myself Reach Pole “

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