Fashion Retail Embraces Food Service to Drive Sales

I do enjoy the sparkling water, carbonated refreshments, and occasional chill champaign served to me at Prada, Gucci and other upscale shops. Might other retailers benefit from actual in-store refreshment sales? The issue had been on my mind since publishing the FixturesCloseUp post “Louis Vuitton® Opens In-Store Juice Bar.” For serious insights however, link out to the KDM POP Solutions Group blog post “Fashion Retail Embraces Food Service to Drive Sales.” Retailers reported to be making moves in this direction include Target, Kohl’s, Urban Outfitters, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Armani. Do come back to follow these and the other famous names on FixturesCloseUp listed below or under the INDEX PAGES menu above. For other outside article of fixture interest also see the “Retail Fixtures Clip Service Index Page

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