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FixturesCloseUp January 2016 Record 54,606 Page Views

Long Tail Marketing Courtesy of Chris Anderson,

FixturesCloseUp research spiked at an all time high of 54,141 page views for January 2016 (NOTE: More Page Views than Design:Retail and taking aim at Visual Merchandising and Store Design Page Views but with greater focus on Fixtures than either). This targeting retail and point-of-purchase fit-out, and the continuous monthly traffic increases, speak of a genuine fixture market segment being served. Some might consider FixturesCloseUp “Long-Tail Marketing” … but the INDEX PAGE menu actually contains many mainstream “Head of Distribution” keywords, famous brands, and fixture focuses. Whatever the case FixturesCloseUp is a retail outfitting hit. As for January traffic news consider…

  • FixturesCloseUp traffic statistics as an independent barometer of the retail fixtures industry. Don’t forget that as “Fixture Research” my trend may lead or lag yours in manufacture, sales, or rollout.
  • Check the informative posts immediately below on just what Content Management and Niche Media assets can contribute to your fixture marketing.
  • Browse the FixturesCloseUp Quick Read below on exactly what the site brings to the table.
  • Lastly if you have a fixtures topic not being covered by FixturesCloseUp, drop me a line so I can add coverage for you. FixturesCloseUp currently covers more than 500 fixtures categories and keywords on its INDEX PAGE and PINTEREST BOARD menus. I am always on the lookout for more.

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54,141 FixturesCloseUp Page Views, January 2016
FixturesCloseUp: 2015 Retail Fixtures Trends in Review

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Fixtures Close Up Quick-Read:

  • WordPress Site: 7,100+ Active Posts
  • FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Site: 500 Boards and 15,500 photo pins
  • 428,446 Annual Page Views (2015 total).
  • 122,473 Annual Visitors (2015 total)
  • Posts scheduled out through end of February 2016
  • 700+ Pre-written Draft posts in On-Deck Circle Ready for Posting
  • 1,420,250+ Total Lifetime Page Views (To December 31, 2015)
  • 346,661 Total Lifetime Visitors (To December 31, 2015)
  • 3,896 Peak Daily Traffic Page Views: (November 18, 2015
  • Annual Search Engines Referrals: 176,769 (2015 total)
  • Annual FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Referrals: 23,705 (2015 total)
  • Annual LinkedIn Referrals: 15,883 (2015 total)
  • Best Traffic Times: Afternoons, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
  • 1,850 LinkedIn Followers
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, and email / blog follower channels
  • Total Fixture Followers 5,339+
  • FixturesCloseUp Registered Trademark
  • 7 year history on the web.
  • Industry Standard WordPress Format
  • See all site details and Fair Market Value estimates under SITE FOR SALE

FixturesCloseUp Traffic Trends Through 2015

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