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POPON.net Becomes Point-of-Purchase International

POPIN Masthead LogoFor Readers interesting in Point-Of-Purchase display overall, know that independent industry leader POPON.net has turned over a new leaf as POPIN.net … Point-of-Purchase International … hence the “IN” suffix. But for research purposes, the gallery of Point-of-Purchase Displays will remain at POPON.net. So now you have expanded choices and website focuses at both POPON.net and new POPIN.net. Confused? Only for the moment. A quick visit to the POPON.net gallery of displays, vs the POPIN.net comprehensive coverage of the industry will immediately clarify. Of course to dive deeper into specific Point-of-Purchase componentry and hardware solutions in closeup, keep FIxturesCloseUp.com on your Favorites list too. Now the two … eh, three … sites are more comprehensive than ever in industry coverage. If you need definite definitions see…

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