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Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels

M Fried Scuba 01 Aluminum Aqua Lung Store PropMale and female mannequins are prime in this Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels expose showing off the latest in rubber wear for undersea (or fetish?) use. Snorkel-equipped, the girl mannequin is far less encumbered and far more fashionable. Fully-equipped, the male diver has bragging rights to all the latest sophisticated deep-sea tech. Children and swim-finned infants are not forgotten as dive suits are displayed in those sizes. A used but world-famous Aqua Lung® dive tank stands on the floor as prop. Store design, fixture supply, and Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels images courtesy of the famous M. Fried Store Fixtures (Visit their Showroom at 101 Varick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY). Scroll down for more Prime Scuba (Middletown, NY) and M Fried.

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