M Fried Case Study: Dive Shop Perimeter Display SlatGrid

Case Study: Dive Shop Perimeter Display

Case Study: Dive Shop Perimeter Display SlatGridTall Gondola and SlatGrid provides addition Perimeter merchandising space without cutting off any view of the Prime Scuba Dive Shop (Middletown, NY). The greater height allows displays of full length dive suits and additional rows of SlatGrid Display Hooks. Lighting, and possibly a dollop of black added to the blue backboard paint, make for a more subdued perimeter hue. Look close to see the Manila Tags in use as price and product information carriers. This Case Study: Dive Shop Perimeter Display SlatGrid courtesy of the famous M. Fried Store Fixtures (Visit their Showroom at 101 Varick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY). Scroll down for more Dive Rite and M Fried.

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