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Needle Merchandising Imperatives on All Wire Scan Hook

Sewing needle manufacturers are caught between a rock and a hard place shen it comes to merchandising needles. Make the package large like this and they command more attention and are easier to browse and shop. Minimizing the width and size of what could easily be the smallest of packs would increase product density per square foot for retailers. Needles could even easily be packaged for One-Lug, Single-Row Hooks. What to do, what to do? I suggest a compromise. A point-of-purchase multi-hook rack the accommodates the smallest packaging possible, but in itself overall commands attention and draws shoppers. For  few drinks I’d sketch out a concept for you but suggest you might do better. Meanwhile CLICK the gallery to see commonplace treatment in craft and sewing centers, using already economical All-Wire Flip-Front Pegboard Scan Hooks. Seen at JoAnn Fabric.

Sewing Needle Marketing Imperatives In-Store
Telegraphing Tailor Made

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