Year of the Monkey Year 2016

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Happy New YearThe year 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. I have been waiting for this 9th of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac for some time and have even prepared FixturesCloseUp by aggregating a thread of Monkeys in Retail Merchandising. Amuse yourself by stepping through the partial gallery of images below, following the list of links to specific Monkey posts, or linking out to the Monkeys In Retail Pinterest Board for a shortcut to all images. First CLICK the thumbnail at right for Western wishes for the Holiday.

Aside from Monkeys, many other such unusual compendiums of retail introspection are hidden within the all encompassing arms of FixturesCloseUp. From Monkeys in Retail, expand your search by visiting the full list of aggregated topics under the INDEX PAGE or PINTEREST BOARD menus above. Or take a short cut through SEARCH by inputting “INDEX: Monkey” (colon and space required) to cut right to the quick of it. Likewise searching for “INDEX: Term-of-Your-Choice” will whisk you to that Index Page … if one or related exist. Try “INDEX: Animals” for example. Though this functionality has existed on FixturesCloseUp practically since inception, I share the secret with you as a Happy New Year present. But again, CLICK the thumbnail above for my greeting in more formal terms.

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Blue Monkey® Branded Tee and Cap
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Monkey-in-Motion Retail Metronome
35 lbs. Monkey Hook® Merchandiser
Munki Munki® Perfect Pajama Logo
Harry Barker® Brand Monkey Fist
Monkey See Retail
Kipling® Monkey on a Mission
Hook Has Two Monkey Load Limit
Rudyard-less Kipling Display
Gravity Feed PowerWing Monkeys
Monkey Tails at the Mall
“​Saks Monkey Tails Revisited
Metal Plate Mount Downturned

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