Christmas Ornament Soft Sided Bulk Bin Corner Stitch CloseUp

Christmas Ornament Soft-Sided Bulk BinsNeed a red Holiday Bulk Bin with no appropriate fixtures in sight? Create a soft-sided Bin of your own with a bit of Foam Sheet and cross-stitched corners like these. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the hand sewing and bin shaping. Then step through the gallery for various zooms. Scroll down to follow Christmas Ornament outfitting and more. Head directly to the bottom of the post to follow fixtures in Christmas Red,

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Christmas Ornament Soft-Sided Bulk Bins
Itty Bittys® Soft-Sided Bulk Bins
The Softer Side of Signs

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Follow Christmas Ornament fixtures at…
Christmas Ornament Soft-Sided Bulk Bins
Faux Pallet Christmas Ornament Display
Hallmark® Keepsake Staggered Christmas Slotwall
Hallmark® Custom Christmas Backtags
Peanuts® Phased Christmas Rollout
Mercedes Benz As Retail Christmas Ornament
Triangular Grid Christmas Ornament Tower
Brillo® As Christmas Ornament
Boxed Xmas Ornaments on Hooks

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