The wonderful printing of this window sign made it truly appear to be made from glimmering rhinestone. The effect is dampened in the photo by the reflections and intervening glass. And I therefore could not get close to inspect with my printers loupe to see what advanced printing technique may have been employed … Metallic inks? Stocastic screening? See “Imaginative Jewelry Signage” for something very appropriate to this channel. Scroll down to follow Swarovski fixtures and one-word selling propositions.

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Hand-Painted Wine Glass Grab-N-Go Display
Sale Promotion Written in Rhinestones
BCBG Rhinestone Belt Tray
Rhinestone Hamburger
Swarovski-eaque Rhinestone Skull

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Swarovski® Crystal Pokemon Video
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Swarovski® Toasts the High Heel With Crystal
Swarovski® Peacock Plinth
Swarovski® Got Milk Display
Swarovski® Stepped Slabs
Swarovski® Branded Ball Hang
Swarovski® Summer Duckie
Swarovski® Crystal Store Ceiling
Four Shades of Hello Kitty®
Swarovski® Christmas Gnome
Swarovski® Winter Deer
Swarovski® Crystal Christmas Tree
Santa Visits Swarovski®
Swarovski Says Hello Kitty
Swarovski® Teddy Bear Monoliths
Jewelry Monolith for Rings
Jewelry Monolith for Earrings
Jewelry Monolith for Necklaces
Swarovski Skulls Priced to Sell”
Swarovski Price Prisms Backlit
Square Ring and Bracelet Set
Swarovski vs Henri Bendel Hookery
Sale Promotion Written in Rhinestones

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The Tee-Shop Play on Tee-Shirt Name
Mannequins Head For the Swimming Pool
Are Energy Drinks True Fitness Drinks?
Love Flowers Brighten Mood in Apparel
Mitsubishi® Says Bring It On
Crayola Branded Change Machine?
Keurig In-Store Brand: Hero to Zero
Dream of Down at JC Penny
Uck Ran® Brand Update
Lucky® Brand vs Lucky Brand®
Saks® Made-Ya-Look Eyewear
Subliminal or Supraliminal Retail Messaging
Powerful One-Word Selling Proposition
Macys® Believe Christmas Meter

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