Test Tube Slatwall Hook Merchandising

Test Tube Slatwall Hook Merchandising

This Test Tube Slatwall Hook Merchandising offers an interesting vehicle for selling small items. A stopper outfitted with hanger is all that’s needed for this self-merchandising Pegboard and Slatwall Hook display. Here the Test-Tubed items are Snap Band Motion Sensing Lighted Wrist Watches. The approach is unusual and the display eye-catching, even if you can’t tell what the product is without identification on the label holder. You might consider a larger sign not only identifying but illustrating these Snap Bands in use with photography. In any event you can’t beat the $9.99 price (with purchase). CLICK through the gallery to inspect the outfitting. Hooks are Flatback Right-Angle Slatwall Scan Hooks, most in Display Hook use without Label Holders.

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