Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising

Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising

Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool MerchandisingThis well-stocked Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising offers various height solutions for any upwardly mobile shopper. But displaying side-by-side demonstrates the size, tread, and top grab shape. The purchaser is more likely to get what he wants … and feel that his needs have been catered to. The result, a profitable sale, and happy customer who made purchase in record time. And no “buyers regret” over “Should I have looked elsewhere?” See alternate view in the Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising photo inset.

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Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising
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Werner Size-Assistive Step-Stool Merchandising
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