Kobalt Rake Display Outsells Shovels 4-To-1

Kobalt Rake Display Outsells Shovels 4-To-1

A well-built Pallet Mount rack for Fall Rake and Shovel display, stocked 50-50 with each, both priced the same. But 25 Kobalt® Rakes were sold with Fall just beginning vs 7 Spade-fronted Shovels. I hope there is a mid-Fall rush on post hole digging needs because Spade Bladed Shovels are not useful for snow removal. I don’t think I can blame Kobalt for this imprecise stocking of the display. Both Rakes and Shovel are more suited to garden bed turning that Leaf Raking. Would I have stocked the display 4-to-1 Rakes to Shovels? I don’t think I would have gone more than 2-to-1 without marketing data. The good thing about this Kobalt Rake Display Outsells Shovels 4-To-1 concept is that you could adjust the offering however you pleased.

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