EZ Robot Build It Display

If you are selling robots. pre-assembled or do-it-yourself, you’ll certainly sell more if buyers can see it in motion and what it can do. That principal was partly addressed here with the Bi-ped Bot occasionally raising an arm. But don’t make the motion too inferquent or you miss attracting passersby interest. And an impressive motion is better than a lazy slow motion move. You decide if this EZ creation is lively enough for your pocketbook. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview of the in-store Point-of-Purchase Display. I longed to see the Hexa-Bot scamper but it was in total hibernation. Seen at Brookstone.

Compare and contrast directly…
Do-It-Yourself EZ-Build Robot Display In Motion
Mr. Roboto at the Mall
Teapot Coffee Grinder Man.”
One Tin-Man Posts Leads to Another

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