Chico's Hot Off The Press Fall Fashions

Chico’s Hot Off The Press Fall Fashions

I love the propping. Twine bound newspaper bundles hot off the press and tossed at curbside for newsboys to hawk “Extra! Read All About It” and paperboy home delivery. But am I, and this window promotion, relics of a by-gone age. Even the “Extra” shout and morning newspaper deliveries are more known to me from movies than experience. What of Millennials and such? Did this promotion hit its target? Whatever the case, I loved it and maybe I am just overthinking it.

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For Twine Merchandising…
Chico’s Hot Off The Press Fall Fashions
Branded Hand-Carry Wood Crate as Bulk Bin
Wind & Fire® Scratching Post
Selling Pennsylvania With Twine
Garden Chime Self Merchandising
Paracord Winter Flannel Display Clip
Antique Branded Tag for Polo®
Tie-It-Yourself In-Store Aid
Twine-Tied Sunbrella® Pillow Sale
Littlest of Bloomingdale® Brown Bags

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