September 2015 Retail Fixtures Trends on FixturesCloseUp

September 2015 Retail Fixtures Trends on FixturesCloseUp

Rising from the typically slower summer months, fixture research as measured in Page Views on FixturesCloseUp has risen 41% for September 2015 vs September 2014. September Page Views of 36,379 fell only 175 short of best-month-ever figures for January 2015. Since this good news represents Fixture Research not Fixture Sales, hopefully it is a predictor of profitable times ahead for retailers and fixture manufacturers both. Minimally it means visitors are using the FixturesCloseUp tips and tricks at “How to Research Fixtures” and the resources under the “Index Pages” and “Pinterest Boards” menus. Scroll down for other traffic reporting for 2015. If retail fixtures are your life and living, maybe you’d like to participate in FixturesCloseUp as serious online resource, inbound content marketing, and social media blog phenomenon. If so try the “Site for Sponsorship and Sale” menu.

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