Vintage vs Prehistoric Music Technology

Vintage vs Prehistoric Music Technology Display and Merchandising

Exhibiting styling from the 1950’s (Left) and 1930’s (Right) these re-creations target demographics with minimal or almost not-existent living members. Labeled as “IT Innovative Technology” a better than vintage musical experience would be expected. But 1960’s and 70’s “10 pound turntable platters” and early “graphic equalizer” controls for “Quadraphonic Sound Systems” might appeal to music lovers still alive and able to leave the nursing home to shop. Oh, you did want an antique look merely to tie with your decor not to tie with your youthful recollections? Then these may be your babies.

EDITOR’s NOTE: I have seen all these era’s tech, but hope you will think because I am a lover of Museums and not an actual user in those by-gone days. Nevertheless, how “old-fashioned” a look would drive sales? The decision is important.

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Drum Stick Displayed En Masse
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Fender Guitar Slatwall Hook
Twin-Arm Trumpet Hook
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Free Air Guitars. Take one!
Merchandising Vintage vs Prehistoric Music Tech

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