Labor Day Holiday 2015 Store Fixture Traffic Rebound

Labor Day Holiday 2015 Store Fixture Traffic Rebound

Tony Incognito in Retail 1 440A B2B fixture research and review site, FixturesCloseUp traffic always falls during Holidays. Sometimes, as during the Labor Day Weekend, the pattern is an unusual one. See the erratic spikes of usage leading up to Labor Day, and the more consistent upward rebound after where traffic exceeded 1,200 each weekday. Even Friday, an often slow day, was an upswing with traffic of almost 1,350. These stats are provided to the trade so that you have an impartial baseline against which to compare your own trends. Remember that as a fixtures research site, FixtureCloseUp trends may lead actual fixture acquisition, order, or shipment trends. Please comment on your own experiences if you have a mind.

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