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Tony Kadysewski Moleskine Store Selfie CloseUpFixturesCloseUp was recently cited by as having TOO MUCH Scheduled Content of retail outfitting. Not only does FixturesCloseUp provide over 6,300 live published posts on retail, it has 500 pre-scheduled posts running through February 2016, and almost 400 draft posts in the on deck circle awaiting a scheduled date. That is just too, too much content for  and borders on overloading the platform and those poor folks. An interesting conundrum when “Content is King,” yet too much diligent content can’t be accommodated.

Have no fear. FixturesCloseUp will continue its robust publication daily, weekly and monthly. But I may have to take a few weeks or months off from photography and writing to let the overhang of future posts contract to levels manageable by WordPress. If you are SHORT on content, maybe I can lend you some of mine? Meanwhile my apologies for overworking the WordPress staff.

Editor’s Note: Know that FixturesCloseUp has also maxed out at 500 boards with almost 16,000 fixture image pins. Again, I will have to schedule vacation time or sell excess content to allow the Internet to catch up with me.

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Content Development Graphic Courtesy of City Colleges

Content Development Graphic Courtesy of City College

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