Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder

Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder

Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder

I have been hoping to start a Wall Tag Index Page (pardon the redundancy). No better time to add this baseline Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder post to the hoped-for complete thread. A Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder is a handy way to put a message, sign or Back Tag information anywhere you need it. A Wall Tag is to vertical display surfaces like Pegboard and Slatwall, as a Basket Tag is to Wire Basket, Fencing or Shelf. Shown is a Wall Tag for adhesive labels, but other styles exist. An unusual variant is a Wall Tag with FISH Tip that integrates with all your other FISH tip signage and messaging … but that is a topic for another day. CLICK the thumbnail to see the same style Wall Tag in use on Slatwall.

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Wall Tag Pegboard Label Holder
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