The Engineer in me loves this retail fixture solution. Standard solid metal Angle as shelf edge product stop. As an Engineer anything under a 25% overdesign for safety causes sleepless nights. were this design to my credit, I could calmly go to my grave. And it MAY even be economical material-wise. Metal Angle is produced in such vast quantities in might be available as a “commodity.” Too bad threaded fasteners increase the cost of assembly.

A modern Shelf Management System would offer specialized product stops, typically in plastic but sometimes in wire.  Cheaper materials, but manufactured in lesser quantity. Usually, however, they are designed to efficiently snap into place reducing time and labor cost to a minimum. So is it a toss-up?  I’ll leave that to some reader in purchasing to cost out and leave a comment to enlighten us. Even though I like the strength and over-designed image projected by the Metal Angle installation, I fear it is the higher cost solution of the two, particularly compared to a simple snap on, plastic extrusion. I guess I’d be turning in my grave with this one regardless.

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