A great looking finished shelf edge with built-in branding via color strip … no question.  A shelf edge I would be proud to own. But I ponder the use of a top-mount profile verses C-Channel Mount or Universal Bottom Mount (which can clip to Tag Channel Shelf). This particular product would not seem to benefit from the product-stop capability of the raised profile. In fact I wonder how long the adhesive top-mount lasts under constant buffeting as product is sold. What would you have specified in like circumstance?

And while you have me raising question, sophisticated Label Strip includes a small “roof” overhanging the top-loading label window to keep out dust dirt and spills. If you like the concept of a dirt resistant overhanging “roof,” you’ll love the concept of a built in Sign Clip that allows instant use of Promo and Bib Tags anywhere along the shelf.  Shop around. You can take this nice looking concept and make it even better with the right label strip.

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Categorization by C-Channel, Shelf Edge and Bullnose…
Top-Mount Color Label Strip
Euro Fixture™ Mood Lighting Plush
Dual Label Strip Dittos New
Heat–Eat–Go Shelf Extrusions
Yellow Bullnose Strip Frontrail
Gift Card On-Shelf Auto-Feed
Essential Glassware Shelf Edge Facing
Utensil Categorization by Food
Gourmet Tea Categorized by Color
Nominal vs True Fixture Size
Push-Pin Curve for Shelf Edge
Moleskine Mass Merchandised
Green Multi-Strip Brands Department
P.F. Change® Cooler Sign Cube
Recycled Leather Retail Color Array
Label Strip and Shelf Edge Sign Colors Match
Die-cut Shelf-Edge Branding by Butterfly
Branding via Bullnose
Branding and Segmentation by Strip
Sally Hansen Social Media at Shelf Edge
Label Strip Substitutes for Cross Sell Signs
Dual C-Channel as Extrusion
Shelf-Edge Philosophy of the Philosophy Brand
Color Category Branding by Aisle
Neiman Marcus Dollar Store Motif
Black-on-Black Retail Motif
Color-Coded Prices at Shelf Edge
Retail Categorization by Shelf-Edge Color
Tide Olympics Collector Edition Bottle
Buy-Big, Save-Big at Shelf Edge
Branding by Bullnose
Don’t Flip Your Lid
Brand Cross Sell or Confusion
Fashion Forward Sampler
Slotwall & Label Strip Both Curve
Fencing Organizes Auto Adapters
Product Stop by Gucci

For Hook-based Category Definition see…
Garden Chime Self Merchandising
DuraCell® Multi-Channel Branding
Extended-Top Label Strip via FISH
Magnetic Door Hanger Creates Category
Category Definition by C-Clamp
Headphone Hook Category Definition
Branded Twin Label Strip for Hook
Top-facing Label Strip Helps Brand
Defining Categories on Slatwall
Category Definition Via Foamcore

Endless Basket, Wire Fence and Wire Shelf…
Split Ring’d Fencing Fender 
Fencing in Basic Black
Grip Clip for Wire
Basket Bypasses Gondola Upright
Declined Grid in Office Supplies
Label Holder for Metro Wire Shelf

Category Definition by Image and Icon…
Insects as In-Store Navigation Icons
Category Definition Without Words

For beautiful but naked categorization see…
Aesop® Category Definition a Need
Aesop Wood Box Intricacy

Academic reading…
Why Store Branding Matters

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