Gormet Dog Food Dual Tray Promo Clip 300dpi 2.6x2

Gormet Dog Food Dual Tray Promo Clip

Gormet Dog Food Dual Tray Promo Clip 300dpi 2.6x2Yes, yes, it is only Gourmet Dog Food, but the Dual Tray Merchandising with see-thru ProductStop to preserve branding and the Bib Tag Clip Equipped Label Holder for instant shelf edge promotions turn it into a tasty retail fixturing treat. Rarely do you see so much fixture productivity in so little space … though the Gourmet Dog Food obscures much of how it works. CLICK the thumbnail to see a wall-full. Check out the function in full at a modern retail establishment near you.

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Gourmet Dog Food Dual-Tray Promo Clip
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