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Pin-Stopped Tubular Faceouts for Bar


Rare to find different size and gauges of the same fixture fixtures displayed naked, in-store, for ready direct comparison. These are nicely finished Saddle-Mount Faceouts for Rectangular Bar. Square, Flat and Oval Bar fixtures have been documented. Pin-stops retain the merchandise and keep it from fall off the hook. Some Faceouts feature a staging area to face the first item far forward. I am not sure the difference in diameters for the lengths shown are specifically required. A single diameter might have served both, gaining cost savings through increased quantity of manufacture. Or maybe I just prefer the solid look of the stocky fellow. CLICK through the gallery for details.

Compare and contrast…
Two Pin-Stopped Faceouts for Bar
Set Screw Locks Saddle Mount
Saddle Mount has Rubber Insert
Hooks Slip Straight Into Slots
Hook Saddle Mounts Slots Not Bar
Toothbrush Hook Saddle Mounts

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For Pin Stop variants by Title…
Two Pin-Stopped Faceouts for Bar
Round Mount On Round Rail
Henri Bendel® Outrigger Waterfall
More Henri Bendel® Outrigger Hooks
Sunglasses On A Faceout
Twin Bar-Hook Bag Presentation
Twin Faceouts for Unstructured Bags
Pin-Stop Faceout for Umbrellas
Pin-Stopped Faceout Sign Holder
Pin-Stopped Faceout Holder Detail
Door Hanger as End-Rack Sign
Swarovski vs Henri Bendel Hookery
Graceful Ogive Bullet-Nose Hook
Henri Bendel Pinstop Hook
One Pinstop Missing Among Many
Cross-Pin Back-Stopped Hook

For unusual but related…
Corner-Stopped Pegboard Hook
Gauge Pins Create Perfect Sign
Wood Pegboard Dowels as Shelf Dividers

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For Sight Leak Mitigation strategies by Title…
Two Pin-Stopped Faceouts for Bar
Slatwire Goes Mobile
Slatwire Unit Wire Baskets
Mesh Sight-Leak-Mitigation is Bar-Mount
Vintage VCR Hybrid Scan Hook
Hudson Jeans® Square Perfed
Laura Ashley Perforated Endcap
Chalkboards Retrofit Window Frames
Tile Sample Grid Hooks
Mirror Display for Wire Grid
Yellow Flatback Hook for Grid
White All-Wire Scan Hook for Grid
Wire Shoe Tray for Grid
Rack on a Pebble Base
Blue Grid as Display Surface
Dolce & Gabbana Venetian Blind
Red Hook Ensemble
Periscope Multi-Hook for Upright
Expanded Metal as Display Backing
Expanded Metal Goes Green
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
In-Store Sight Leak Plugged
T-Faceout for Apparel
Grid Backdrop for Cookware
Expanded Metal as Display Surface
Slotted Upright Hosts Slotted Bar
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
Grid Back for Metro Wire Shelf
Bite Me Invitation to Buy

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Sight Leak Mitigation FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Board

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