FixturesCloseUp Reads Up 10,000 In July

FixturesCloseUp Reads Up 10,000 In July 2015 Courtesy of

July usually ranks among the slow simmering Summer months for fixtures. This July 2015 was a breakout month for FixturesCloseUp reads with a gain of 10,000+ over July 2014.  The precise stats were 32,355 page views by 8,994 visitors in July. All time page views total 1,220,062 with best day ever views at 1,937 for a single day. FixturesCloseUp participation has been on an upswing overall so too early to tell if July is early awakening fixture interest for Fall or my ongoing gains piling up. Follow fixtures trends below, and watch for my monthly reports to use in comparison to your own experiences.

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FixturesCloseUp Reads Up 10,000 In July
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