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Justin's Nut Butter AngledThe grab-and-go foods category takes on a new dimension with single-serve packets of Peanut Butter. Who would have conceived of such a thing? The creative souls at Justin’s Nut Butters where Peanut Butter is not just Peanut Butter. Here by 10 servings per min-carton … enough for 2 weeks of snacks at the office. Thogh surprisingly the 10-packs were not plastic-wrapped. Lovers of Nut Butters might be tempted to ad a single-serve or two to their purchase, unbeknownst to the cashier. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view. I like the white package branding of Justin’s. See at, of all places, JCP. See that round-cornered Extruded Shelf Dividers organize the Justin’s cartons on shelf.

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