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Gift Card Curved Alcove Breakaway Flip Front HooksThough I do not see it everywhere, I do see this Flip-Front Breakaway Plastic Scan Hook often in Gift Card Display use. And I am always intrigued by its features, obvious and implied, and here do a more extensive review than in past. The Butterfly Frontwire is broad to level all card offerings and short to always give the impression that offerings are well-faced. The Black Plastic retains its look and finish, though the broad backplate can be subject to stress due to the breakaway modular design. The Breakaway feature would allow tighter spacing and a dual-use for this hook. An add-on Scan Arm allows in-field upgrade from Display Hook to Scan Hook. The Flip Flont Label Holder accepts drop-in plain-paper labels, and swings up, out of the way for easy Gift Card access. The boxy arrangement of the Backplate Breakaways always stump me. They appear to allow additional add-ons, but I have never seen them employed. This is a very versatile hook, to be sure.

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