Cubist Tower: Night and Day, Dark and Light

Cubist Tower: Dark vs Light, Night vs Day Display

Cubist Drama Construction CloseupA tower of Cubic Forms against dramatic black background draws attention more than the merchandised mannequins. From a distance and by convention you’d have to call them wire form structures, though truly they are made of wood. Closeup they are even more exotic and cryptic looking. CLICK the thumbnail for construction details. See that they are of mortised joint design. Step through the gallery for various Dark Side zooms. Then compare with lighter below.

Cubist Tower Detail MainTower definition and drama is distinctly different under more normal lighting conditions. Still the Cubist stack is unusual enough to catch the eye, yet here the mannequins with a touch of color hold visual sway too. CLICK the thumbnail for a complex closeup view. CLICK through the gallery for different apparent distances and the effect of color merchandise. Then go back and revisit the Dark Side of cubism in the gallery above.

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