Flat-Bar Circular Saw Blade Merchandising

Flat-Bar Circular Saw Blade Merchandising

Flat-Bar Circular Saw Blade Merchandising

Here the focus is Flat-Bar Circular Saw Blade Merchandising. But a broader selection of tools are billboarded and displayed on these Flat Crossbar Merchandiers. Most items are lightly stocked so all that is necessary are short-length, clip-on 1-piece Crossbar Scan Hooks. Note that the crossbars are tiered, providing extender-like ability for the occasional lengthy package to hang behind lower tiers (See upper left most package in main photo). But see the stocking limitation in the lower right corner. Overall a nicely done and very functional display. CLICK the thumbnail for a look at the hook, which clips on to prevent accidental movement ruining the display.

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