Lord-&-Taylor Design Lab

Lord-&-Taylor Design Lab

I loved this Lord & Taylor Design Lab concept of an experimental fashion store-in-store space. A space frame, kiosk or Pergola defines the area. Design Lab defines the concept. But how to make it more engaging and insure use? How about lighting and digital cameras that would beam out your fashion experiments to your fiends and #Lord&TaylorDesignLab to the internet? That one idea should have earned my days pay today. So I’m taking the rest of the day off. See ya.

Follow the concept at…

Lord-&-Taylor Design Lab
Lord & Taylor Design Lab Clamp

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Lord & Taylor® Design Lab Pergola
Lord & Taylor Design Lab Clamp

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Space Frame Details in Outdoor
Space Frame Corrals Mops
Flush-Mount Bar for Pegboard
Lord & Taylor® Design Lab

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Lord & Taylor® Design Lab

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