FixturesCloseUp Best Day and Time to Research Retail Fixtures

FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015

FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015

WordPress just rolled out new Statistical Insights and as always I rush to share with the Fixtures community. The most popular day and time for Fixture page views on FixturesCloseUp is Tuesday at 3:00pm. I attribute this peak to the rebound from readers away from work Saturday and Sunday, and being busy digging out from Monday work, voice mail, and email overloads. I know my week is often like that. According to the stats 17% of my reads occur Tuesday, with 7% mid afternoon. Maybe you do not time your personal Fixture research then, but if you are a manufacturer or vender hopefully you are advertising, emailing, and using social media outreach at that time. My FixturesCloseUp post pattern has stood me in good stead overall with 279,084 visitors and 1,163,724 page views over the life of the site. If your stats differ please consider sharing with the Fixtures community. I will keep your identity confidential.

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