Paddle Board Pallet Rack Horizontal Dispaly Signage

Paddle Board Pallet Rack Horizontal Display Signage Run Vertically

One of a 2-Part series of posts, Paddle Boards are displayed horizontal atop Pallet Rack. They also command attention even as a mid-aisle display, but their use is not so clear. These might be surfboards or just oversize body boards of some sort. Then package identification runs sideways and is hard to read, failing to identify the product instantly. I suggest vertical display far better, and would add paddles so that use was immediately conveyed. These seen at an inland warehouse club where surfboards would sell slowly, but Paddle Boards an item of recreation that could be acquired for use at any lake, pond or calm river or stream. A better bet for a sale.

Compare and contrast directly…
Kayak Pallet Rack Vertical Display
Paddle Board Pallet Rack Horizontal Display

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