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SpaceNow High-Density Slatwire Grid Display and Storage System

The creative minds at SpaceNow Corp named this Mobile SlatGrid, but I classify all mobile concepts like this as High-Density Systems. They put more inventory in a compressed footprint via a rolling fixtures … in this case 1” Slatwire Grid in tracks. The specs claim 5x more display and storage space for the same wall (or vertical) space. It accepts all traditional Slatwall and Slatwirew hooks and accessories too. This particular unit of display at M Fried Store Fixtures, (101 Varick Ave, Brooklyn, NY if you are in their neighborhood). Go take it for a test drive … er, test roll. (To see them manufactured tour the SpaceNow factory at 234 Emmet Street, Newark, NJ.  Ahhh, Newark in the Springtime!)

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