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Sleepy's Practical Bed Uses FrontSleepy’s strikes out selling a new “sizzle” to the comfortable “steak” of mattress sales. Yes. wonderful to sleep and dream on, but many like to work on a bed too. My wife for one via laptop, smartphone, and piles of paper records. I enjoy reading the news via SmartPhone and Tablet from bed, but am only comfortable working, writing and retouching images from a desktop (What a “Grandpa” eh?). Nevertheless my wife and I could agree upon a Sleepy’s Mattress for our latest upgrade. But Sleepy’s should offer classes helping us table and desk workers adapt to reclined productivity. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view. Stop by anytime to try our Sleepy’s.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved with reviews on FixruresCloseUp. Sleepy’s just happens to be a great source of retail and point-of-purchase ideas. And a good place to grab a nap while out on long shopping and fixture escapades.

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