Euro Fixture Bait & Switch Apples 3

Euro Fixture Bait and Switch C courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering

I’m not sure if this is a Euro Fixture proof-of-concept for produce, or American bait-and-switch in merchandising. The outfitting and Signage says Apples, Apples, Apples. But only one end is stocked with Apples, the balance with Oranges, Bananas, Melons, and even bagged Postatoes. So again I ask … proof-of-concept across all possible produce uses? Or lure you with luscious Apples and then stick you with starchy Potatoes as the more practical choice? CLICK through the gallery for all manner of views.

EDITOR’S NOTE: FixturesCloseUp presents hardware information of interest to retailers and point-of-purchase designers regardless of source. No remuneration was involved in the publication of this post. Images Courtesy of CAEM Shelf Engineering, Italy

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